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How to have the perfect beard

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Men's Beard, Tips for Perfect Beard

Many men want to make their face prettier in some interesting way, and the easiest and cheapest way is a beard or mustache. So get more masculine look and women will simply adore beard.

It is not enough just to let the hair grow.  However, many change their minds at the very beginning and give up because they are not satisfied with the messy appearance of your new details. This can be easily avoided if you know what to look for when you start your new look with a mustache and beard.


Road from smooth face to the beard that you prefer, usually lasts about four weeks. Be patient and resist your need to shave or trim the hair.This is, in fact, the period of the release of the beard which determines the difference between boys and men – he will find out whether he can let his beard.


downloadSo what if it itches if you are not accustomed to your face is covered with hair, you will probably feel itching in the first week. Do not worry; this is not a sign of a rash or a symptom of the first phase of a sexually transmitted disease. It is completely natural, because the growth of hair drying out the skin. To resist the temptation to scratch the thus soften their new decoration, apply baby lotion. Itching is only temporary and should not be offended if you’ve decided to change his appearance.


During his time in the bath, it is necessary to pay attention to the beard as much as other parts of the body. Apply gentle shampoo to clean the skin and reduce itching.

When your beard grow a little more, use a conditioner. This will make the hair softer and easier to handle. That’s another thing that will ease the beard and give it a better look. Combing will, presumably, make hair naturally grow in the same direction and make it seem tidier. You should have a special comb for the beard and mustache.

Professional touch

Many men think they can make their own styled beard, which is a complete misconception. If you do not want messy beard, as you begin to progress with gimagerowth, go to the barber and observe closely how he  do his job.

When you find that you have learned how best to maintain the beard, follow the lines that you have already set up at the pro. Regarding maintenance, would be best to get multifunctional equipment, i.e. the one that will offer everything needed for the care of their beards, and is located within a single product. If you have a beard, it is very important and adjusting the length of the hair and shave the corners near the nose and ears.

How to Grow a Beard and Mustache From Start to Finish

At the very first beginning of your new look you should search help from an expert. You can’t do it on your own. Most guys don’t know what suits them at all. They don’t even know the shape of their head.

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3 Tips For Wearing A Beard Comments Off on 3 Tips For Wearing A Beard

3 Tips For Wearing A Beard

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Men's Beard, Styles for Beard

Not sure how to wear a beard, but still want one because they are the hottest trend at the moment? Not to worry, since here you will read some of the best tips which will help you wear that manly facial hair with style and ease so that all the other men will be jealous of your lush beard!

Beards have become immensely popular lately, and with a good reason!  There are numerous advantages to wearing a beard.  However, not everyone can pull it off.  If you would like to follow the latest trends, but are not really sure how, make sure that you follow and implement some of these tips, as they will certainly help you to transform yourself into a sexy lumberjack, and a confident man with an extravagant beard.

  1. facial-hair-stylesPick A Style

There are various ways in which you can wear a beard, and before you go further in your beard escapade, you should decide what kind of beard you would like to wear and what style suits you the best. Take your personal preferences into consideration, as well as your face shape, your features, your personality and your character. If you don’t like to spend too much time in front of a mirror pick a style that doesn’t require too much maintenance but remember that each beard style will still require some maintenance and that you will have to groom it, trim it and use the right products if you plan for it to look perfectly maintained. Of course, you can always just grow a messy beard, but that is not the point of having one. The point of having a beard is for it to accentuate your beautiful features, brings your masculinity and character forward and makes you overall fashionable and cool.

How to Trim Your Beard | Shaving Tips

  1. Groom It Regularly

As it has been previously mentioned, grooming a beard will still take time and practice. You will have to provide the sufficient care to your beard and do so on a regular basis. The upside is that you won’t have to rush in the morning to get a shave, and you will be able to trim your beard when you find time and do so at your own pace. What’s more you can turn your grooming session into some much needed me-time and enjoy this relaxing activity. So in a way, a beard provides you with some much needed time that you can devote to yourself and your needs.

  1. Boars-Hair-Beard-Brush-Backwoods-Beard-Balm-Birch-Tar-Soap-The-Mod-Cabin-960x640Find The Best Products

Surely, you can wash your beard with soap or shampoo, but it is much better if you find the appropriate products for your beard. The beard will benefit from the products and in return it will give you a polished look that will bring the well-deserved compliments. Growing a beard does not mean that you have to look scrubby or like you are in need of some serious personal hygiene. If you neglect your beard it will look anything but fashionable. You want your beard to represent you and give away the impression that it is groomed and well-taken after. For the best in beard grooming products visit Only in this way will you have a beautiful and healthy beard that will provide a fashionable look.

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Here’s How To Sport A Beard Comments Off on Here’s How To Sport A Beard

Here’s How To Sport A Beard

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in How to Style beard, Men's Beard

Beards have become immensely popular lately, and with a reason too!  There are numerous advantages to wearing a beard.  However, not everyone can pull it off.  If you would like to remain cool an absolutely handsome while you’re at the same time are sporting a beard, here are some of the tips which will help you pull it off like a real gentleman.

  1. U4MHoUtDecide On The Style

Firstly, you will have to decide what kind of style you want to wear, and what kind of beard you would like to wear.  You should take into consideration your own personal preferences, but also you should take into consideration your face shape and features you would like to hide or accentuate on your face.

Once you have carefully considered all the options (and perhaps even photoshopped yourself with some of them), you could start growing some very cool facial hair.

  1. downloadGroom It

The important thing when it comes to growing a beard is taking care of it.  You will have to dedicate significant time to your grooming sessions.  Still, taking care after your beard should generally take up much less of your time then regular daily shaving.  Also, you can groom your beard any time of the day, and you won’t have to rush in the morning to take care of your beard, like people often do their shaving.  Also, grooming your beard can be a fairly relaxing activity, and you will be able to devote some time to yourself and your needs.

  1. Use Products

It is essential that you use products for your beard.  Not only that your beard will benefit from products, but it will also appear better and give you a better overall look.  Just because you have a beard that doesn’t mean you have to look like a cave man.  Sporting a beard can be very fashionable, and often it is very fashionable, if people take out some time to use the right products which are needed in order to keep their facial hair in order, looking a beautiful and healthy.  Your beard should look healthy and well groomed, well taken after.  This will improve the image that people have of you and your personality.

  1. Work On Your Style

If you want to know how to choose the correct style for yourself and your beard, the answer is pretty simple – you will have to experiment.  Working on your style means that you cause and we tried to upgrade it by trying out something new and interesting.  This is precisely why it is immensely important that you continue working on your style that even when you think you have found the right type of beard style for you.

  1. ice-cream-in-beard-Eat Carefully

Another thing which is important to remember is that when you have a beard you should eat slowly and carefully, so that you don’t end up looking like a complete and utter mess.  If you happen to eat something that mighty get caught up in your beard, make sure that you take some time to remove all the pieces of food from your lovely beard after the meal.

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